Mauri all you guys who are 'attracted' here.

This is especially to my beautiful cousin (Tumeima). Well, she was beautiful when she was running about with a one piece bikini, ha ha ha,

You ok? and hows Benia? Beniaminia, Mauna, and bukinikoro Joseph? and the rest of the family?

 I'm just enjoying my last days here in Kiribati and fortunate enough to assist Tierati Maui Tokaman with his class at St. Louis High School, Tarawa.

So, how many nieces and nephews  do I have now???

And are you still at Rabi High?

'Hows the crowd at RHS?

Or rather any RHS student wishes to correspond with my class??I have a class of 31 young males and females of ages ranging from 17 to 19 (Form 6) who are anxious, amongst other things, to know if they have relatives there in Fiji. By the way, they are the true descendants of the Makin-Arorae people.  Please reitaki with us - your kins.Contact me at <> so I can pass your e-mail-addressees to my students.

Hey coz, you know what? When I started counting the number of relatives, I (and you too), have here, boy, thousands, thousands, and still counting. I'm still trying to remember the culprit who told me that the 'Banabans' were a 'special' race. Well, I found out that my forefathers are I-Kiribati and so I am trying to meet all my relatives b4 I kick the bucket. In the near future???

Say Hello to Ben for me

Best wishes


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