Believe it or not but the RHS staff was in action right till week one of the holiday.After prizegiving we had to return to complete our ESRI2 forms then the board of Survey with the sciences department still in action last week. The Managers family are very busy looking after the pigs and chicks for next year's boarders.Construction of projects still underway and with the exception of the students we are all still pretty busy.Thanks to the Burser I have to go every now and then to Nuku to get letters typed as we are without ink till maybe next year.Mr.Kumar and Mr.Henty busy with cafes for the fifteenth celebrations so rush to their stall for free take aways..ha..ha...ha.

Last monday we the compound staff farewelled Sera and Orisis with their daughter Mere who have moved to Ba. Six years of frienship and service to RHS and the Rabi community.We will always treasure the memories and all our best wishes to the family on the journey through life.It was last minute so our apologies to the rest to the rest of the staff as we couldn't inform you earlier.Mr.Ranjit left us straight after Prize giving and Mrs. Gavidi will be moving to Bua college next year.

I guess one of the greatest challenges of working at Rabi High School is to get up and go especially with the facilities the school provides ,the fun loving students and for those of us from here just being at home.Last night Mrs Kini commented we are now enjoying the solar for the first  and the last time.That is why I have finally decided to move. So to those students and staff who will be remaining I wish you all the very best for 2012 and beyond. looking forward to see you across the bay whenever you get stranded or need a seat on the bus to Savusavu.


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Comment by Tumeima T Rotan Wiriam on January 18, 2012 at 6:45am

Yes, as the manager's other half I had a great time reminding manager and his sons to feed the chickens and the piglets. Now the chickens are laying eggs so the compound staff are proudly given eggs to sample before the boarding starts. Their [the hens of course]laying eggs without the help of roosters really had my small boys discussing how the hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs.I fuelled their discussion by telling them that very soon we females won't be needing males to have babies..ha..ha..

Also just like to thank V.P for donating their double pig pen to the school. It makes me feel good as i can observe my boys from home as they feed the school pigs.All the best Oboria for 2012.


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