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Former Principal (Allan Hedstrom) funeral

Rabi High School as a whole now awaits your funeral this coming weekend

Memories of your days with us at Rabi High School remains

We will never forget the loud voice coming from your office when it comes for discipline, laughter during character parade,  playing hide and seek with students etc, and at the end of the day, sitting around the bowl with teachers chatting away to ease the brain (stress)

What is taught and shared every Monday during assembly were…


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Mauri mauri kaain Biiti!!!

 Mauri all you guys who are 'attracted' here.

This is especially to my beautiful cousin (Tumeima). Well, she was beautiful when she was running about with a one piece bikini, ha ha ha,

You ok? and hows Benia? Beniaminia, Mauna, and bukinikoro Joseph? and the rest of the family?

 I'm just enjoying my last days here in Kiribati and fortunate enough to assist Tierati Maui Tokaman with his class at St. Louis High School, Tarawa.

So, how many nieces and nephews  do I…


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Best of Luck Form 7s!!!!

FSFE starts tomorrow. It is an auspicious day because exam brings promotion with it. If no exam then no promotion, to get promoted to next level one must pass the exam. Exam (as in in economist) is a random variable means what will come in exam is unknown, and this suspense triggers one to study to his/her optimum level that is achieving maximum efficiency, and this hardship like fire makes person shine and precious like gold.

May all Form 7's of RHS (@2012) do their very best…


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World Teachers Day Speech by the Headgirl-2012

Download a full copy of the speech:


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I am in Savusavu just completed moderation [fsfe] and I salute the admin for allowing me to join. All were empowered by the talented and enthusiastic Ms Inoke.

Another thing , we are having our club open day. I am in the aerobics club...yep... too skinny ha..ha..ha..The open day would be in Tabiang cause last year we had it in Nuku. Come see the drama club, choir, arts, rap, modern dancing, fijian culture club, christian fellowship and soccer. We will start at 8am till all have…


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party 1,2012

Our first party held today was for Mr.Anish Dyal.He is our confirmed Vice Principal who is travelling back to Labasa tommorrow.He really looked distinguished with his head and shoulder flower garlands. We had wacipoki,chicken curry ,roti,dalo, rice, corned mutton, chicken lunchen and tomato chutney in the dining hall.Afterwards we went to the school hall where the culture group entertained him.For sure , V.P. Dyal would not forget this for a long time. "thank you sir, for coming and we wish…


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best wishes

All the best to our students who are venturing out of the island to the shores of Suva.... To our 2011 form seven students, learn from your 2011 mistakes, improve on your character and remember all that you have been taught that is worthwhile for improvement.God bless and we miss you.

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Hols at RHS.

Believe it or not but the RHS staff was in action right till week one of the holiday.After prizegiving we had to return to complete our ESRI2 forms then the board of Survey with the sciences department still in action last week. The Managers family are very busy looking after the pigs and chicks for next year's boarders.Construction of projects still underway and with the exception of the students we are all still pretty busy.Thanks to the Burser I have to go every now and then to Nuku to…


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form7 activities

2morrow they r going to Moatawa 4 their annual picnic.At nite they r having a ball at the Tabwewa Meang Hall. They have invited us and we r not going to miss. If there is room 4 more people we will let u know. ha..ha..

4 prize-giving they r doing two presentations. Hope u would be hia to watch. Yes , the chief guest is a VIP from the government so u can imagine the preparation.

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fiji day celebration

Today the forms 3,4 and 5 travelled to Nuku to celebrate Fiji day with Banaban Primary and Tabiang Primary schools.We are left behind with the form 6 and 7 who are having their annual exams next week.

The principal took the camera so we would download photos next time....... cheerio.

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correction for w.teachers'day

the correction is ...'a day for teachers to be fed' not students to be fed.

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World teachers day

Yesterday was world teachers day and the humble teachers here decided as usual to forego the celebrations. This has been our practise for years now. How come? I'll tell you why... one year all the enthusiatic students laughing boarded the truck with their salusalu and robei for their individual teachers.Someone asked,' who is that for?' The student said proudly, 'oh it is for my teacher.' A bitter reply came,' well,it is a day for the students to be fed all the nice food by their students.'…


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Latest Activities at RHS - 28 Sept 2011



Lately there has been a lot happening in school.


The teachers went for their respective workshops in Savusavu. Madam Tutu went with Head-girl for a SYSTEMS SCHORLARSHIP WORKSHOP.  A week later she went again with the TVET dept for their task and project… Tutu was one busy lady these past weeks. [Photo 6]


Also the buildings in school are…


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engllish vs vernacular

Again we are fighting to uplift the english expression of our students.Vernacular always rears its unwanted head in school and detention is one way of encoraging students to use english.Sometimes it seems that the students do not want to waste their time with such a language!!! We welcome any constructive suggestion that would make students speak english more in school.

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prime minister's visit

We are thankful for the visit which was advertised through the photos preceding this.One point of interest was that all who came were influential people who upon consensus would approve of future projects for the school.As a result , we are getting two staff quarters next year and an ablution block for the students.What really had us in tickles during the visit was the fact that we were all out at the admin block ,looking our best.... and when the first part of the envoy arrived ,they did not… Continue

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Deputy head girl - miss rabi council of leaders

Miss Kabwebwea biara ,a form 7 commercial student, who is our current miss december 15th is to represent the rcl during the second week of this holiday in labasa. We are inviting those that can provide advice for her to share your techniques to help her.if you can go and support her in person all the better. We also know there are fundraisings done in suva and labasa in aid of miss find out details and support miss rcl. A photo of her doing her part during the school's beautification…


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iguana photo

below is the photo of the new iguana that was brought to the school. What to do when you see one? KILL IT.You are to slit it from the throat to the tail and take the eggs [it usually has about 60 eggs] and burn them.The eggs can be found in the sandy beaches as they lay eggs like the turtles. If you habour one you are liable for jail because it is a threat to our plantations. It is vegetarian and if it reproduces on the island our rhs students would certainly lack greeny vegetables. 60…


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form 7

...well! I typed so much i had no space for the promised photo.. so the photo shows lyn concentrating know learning the skills of reading and typing at the same time. Don't the students look nice?


O.kay... there is still some time left.... we also had a visit some time back by the agriculture team with some other govt officials. Bear with me…


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doctor's visit

Last week the students were blessed to have free check -ups from the seventh day adventist trainee doctors and retired nurses and dentists. The highlight of our check up was the cleaning of all our ears- .....did you know that when you use cotton ear buds you are just pushing your ear wax further in? ...well... thats what we learnt with our students.Moreover, the kind medics did a thorough check-up on our students. You know this type of assistance is really valued. Here is a photo of…


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RHS present situation

We are now into examinations and the students as usual are 100% present. The weather is cold and miserable and the transport as usual.At least the bus reaches up to the junction..for how long wonders.Boarders about to go home as budget busts ..hoping for the best in term three. Projects by MOE about to begin next. I hope the results will reveal an upward trend this term as compared to term I.The main problem is the absence of students and we are still waiting for our promised bush bikes… Continue

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Discussion - Old Days of Rabi High School 1 Reply

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Homesick??? 3 Replies

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flag raising 4 Replies

greetings,Every day we honour our flag and the students are really into this.They raise and lower the beloved flag with care and respect..... but you know us .... we cannot resist smiling so much…Continue

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I was brought up in a community that had no written record.of our origins. I was told , then, that I ,as a Banaban, was a member of a unique race, blah, blah, blah,....But living in Kiribati, the…Continue

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