Just couldnt resist signing in as I perused the RHS articles. Brought back many, many happy and sweet memories I am shedding satiated tears of joy internally.

Yeah, I was fortunate and very honored to have served at that on te maunga school - back in the late 80's. the principal then was Mrs. Karakaua. I remembered that caning school rebels was very much in force then but only for a short period. since then the stds were much more attentive. And I was sad to read here that school-assembly punishment was still practiced. Well,,,,kids, eh?? At the stage where young blood is at its peak they are bound to unintentionally but enjoying doing what they might regret later in life. Anyhow, i am not going to give a lecture here but just like to mention again how happy i am to see RHS stds & staff in this 'bring lots of memories' & enjoyable site.

Yes,.. I wanna say bula vinaka to those 'old' former colleagues of mine of the '80s who r still part of the crew there - faithful, tireless, patient, hardworkers all of them.. Kam na bane ni mauri mai Kiribati!!!! I can see from the posted photos that u r all looking fit and healthy.... why??...no grog??? hahaha!! And mauri naba to the new faces. A very warm and best wishes to u all.  About me?? (I knew u were going to ask)

Ok. i'm typing this 'discussion' in the staffroom of St. Louis High School. Tarawa. I've just started here this year 2011, after having taught at KGV/EBS, Tarawa; Meleangi Tabai Sec, Fanning Island (just south of Honolulu- been there 2); St. Francis High, Christmas island; Nei Kuana Jun. Sec, Banaba; & but not the least, Church of God High, Tarawa, since returning after short stint at Nauru High School -1998. I practically left Rabi island in 1992 and took up a position at Levuka Public School whence 4 yrs later i left to spend x-mas hols in Nauru ..n.. alas ..did not return. But ended up in Kiribati. Quite an adventure???  Still more coming... only in the 1st 2 yrs since my arrival here I have visited all the inhabited islands of Kiribati.I have met sooo maaany 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th cuzs, aunties, uncles, grans, & so forth,.. I just couldnt keep track of them all. Which reminds me of Canton island (just north of the Tokelaus) The rats there are just like flies ..soo maany u have to mind where u tread or u'll step on one.  Ooops!!!!!!!!!!

It'll be a pleasure to hear from u - both the old & new staff. Regards to all your families!


This one is 4 the all bobotoo stds of RHS.


Kam na bane ni mauri! I am the form teacher of Form 5 Science (ages 15-18), (I teach Design Technology) here at St. Louis, and I am wondering if some of you are happy to become their netpals? Like penpals??You could swap stories about your life there and them theirs here. Below are 2 acrivities that I have already encouraged them to participate in and I hope that you will to.(Your teachers can help):

I recieved these from the iEARN newsletter which I am also a member,  



3. CLASSES IN JAPAN SEEKING PENPAL FRIENDS AS PART OF PEN FRIEND CLUBS OF JAPAN.  Yoko Takagi, iEARN-Japan (JEARN), writes, "Dear Pen Friend Club fans,  I would like to present you a big smile!  Please visit PFC web site "PFC News."  There you will find three post cards which are for EAST Japan Tsunami affected areas to bring smiles. There are more than 200 Japanese every month to ask PFC partners, but mostly they need to wait for months to get partners. Please join PFC project. You can visit the iEARN PFC forum to join. Enjoy!"  The Pen Friend Clubs of Japan are organizations of young boys and girls exchanging letters with friends within and outside the country and thus enjoying various activities through friendly correspondence. The members are mainly junior or senior high school students.   


.....and a very interesting one ......


4. STUDENTS IN INDONESIA SEND VIDEO GREETINGS TO iEARN AS PART OF "MY IDENTITY, YOUR IDENTITY" PROJECT.  See a short video message to iEARN from students in Indonesia on YouTube.  In the My Identity, Your Identity Project, students are encouraged to research the traditions, clothes, foods, celebrations, music and landmarks in their community which contribute to their cultures and identities.  Learn more and connect to the forum on the My Identity, Your Identity Project Page.


Please contact me of your intentions or log in to the given sites.

OK, B gud, eh? n Tia Boo Moa


Lastly, I'm not sure whether some of the BV members are related to me. But I kinda seem to be a bit familiar with some of the names, so if you are one (or 2, 3,...or 1,348th) please introduce yourselves at <teatarake@gmail.com>


Some info about me.

Full name: Teatarake Tekooti Rotan

F/name: Tekooti

M/name: Monika

Siblings: Raamita, Miriwa, Amtara, Bibi, & bro Tabuia

Half-sibs: Ruuruu, Tewaiboo, Beetaa, & bro Itaia

Other: Also graduated from Kamakau University b4 'embarking'

          on a Pacific tour. I also can claim that on the day of 17th of Feb', 2011, I have 'orbited'    

          (travelled around) the Sun for the 50th time. Isn't that a record or what????

More: You can visit a website I own called "Kiribati Newswatch" At this site we try and predict what 

         will happen to us islanders as a result of, among others, the many world crises and conflicts

         happening in the rest of the world. 

Tia Boo.



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Mauri Bro,


Greetings to you in the name of our beloved Jesus Christ for being able to unite for a long period of years.


Trust you are well and fit.


It's great hearing from you again as recalled I was around 6 - 8 years old when you were still in Rabi. As the only memory of knowing your name was your design build of a model wooden house that was kept in the industrial building at Rabi High School as teacher's there told that it was your creativity, however since my teenage grown up in the island I have reclaim your land in KAMAKAU and since then authorise MAUNA to look after it and handed over the Tui Kamakau Title to him since I have to pursue my studies in Suva and live the susu mandrai life in the City............hahahahahahaha


Euara ea reke te buarako ke tuai can give you some advice and manewenewe to achieve it ............ hahahahahahaha


Tekeraoi te makuri ao te waki



Mauri.......are you my master back in those days, Mr Atarake !!!.....mauri riki gke master Atarake.....lol...e raba ba ngaia e bon teimatoa naba te marurung mai n am side anne....ao ngaia e koa rokoroko i i kiribati.......Sir, how is holly wood and bolly wood...as u always mention in our class that one day you will become a star......lol.....tau tekeraoi am makuri ao am waki ikanne.......


Terenga Sukong

Mauri Terenga,

I maybe so. I seem to remember a Sukong and a very energetic, very spirited one too, a very long time ago.

Thank you very much for am reitaki nakon your Star Sir !!!

I was fine a moment ago but after reading your reply  I am now filled with great exhilaration ..lol to u 2 ... I now know that I am still remembered by my former students.

Can you update me on what has happened to all you guys???

If you want to know what I am doing in my new school in Kiribati please click here.

I do not know what you are doing at the moment but all the best.

Warm regards and tekeraoi again

Keep in touch and tia boo moa.

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