Discussion - Old Days of Rabi High School


This discussion was started on Banaban Voice and includes:

List of past teachers; and lots more:


Discussion - Old Days of Rabi High School

List of past teachers Rabi High School:

Biara Touakin said:

Let's all contribute to this:

These are principals of Rabi High School

Principal From To
Mr Teiwaki Benaia
Mr Narayan
Mrs Rubena Karakaua
Rev Allan Hedstrom 2006 2008
Mr Rajishwar Singh 2009

Uniforms of RHS
If anybody could contibute pictures of RHS uniforms

Location of RHS
Nuku 1980 1985

Staff of RHS
Mr Teiwaki Benaia History of Banaba 1980
Mr Fred Dickson PEMAC 1980
Mr Takele Biology/Basic Science 1980
Mr Mesake Tech Drawing 1980 - 1985
Mr Dayal Accounting 1980 - 1986
Mrs Dayal English 1980 - 1986
Mrs Rebo Teatu Basic Science
Mrs Benia Rotan English
Mrs Tibeaua Benaia Maths
Mr Kariamakin Christopher Science
Mr Bataing Music/ Venacular
Mr Rahman Science
Mr Gounder Science
Mrs Tewia Tekanabu Art & Craft
Mr Timoci Agriculture
Mr Nawaia Touakin Tech Drawing
Mr Jobe Tech Drawing
Mr Isireli Tech Drawing
Mr Atarake Rotan Tech Drawing
Mr Karakoa Iotia Chemistry
Mr Paul (US Peace Corps) History & Geography 1984 - 1986
Mrs Raki English 1990 - 1994
Mrs Raraitaake Rameti Local Craft
Mrs Matanuea John Local Craft
Mr Ioteba Kaitarawa Cultural Dance
Mr Teriota Tamton Music
Mrs Molly Amon Economics
Mrs Tekeinnang English
Mr Chand Accounting
Mr Area Toaiti Basic Science
Mrs Tiku Takesau Accounting
Mr Takesau Tabore Science
Mrs Nanise Toaiti Science
Mr Rusiate Science
Mr Koroi PEMAC
Mr Surya Reddy Physics
Mrs Berenia Christopher English
Mrs Tekeang Touakin Home Economics
Mrs Eribereta Matiera Home Ec
Mrs Karibaieta Joe Home Ec
Mr Tekaban Cultural Dance
Mr Boota Abere Cultural Dance
Mrs Tekirara Eketi Cultural Dance
Mrs Ekebure Cultural Dance
Mr Tamilo Komiti Local Craft
Mrs Tatauea Kaiea Local Craft
Mr Tanentoa Boata Cleaner
Mr Koraua Henty Handyman
Mr Bebeia Bakatu Handyman
Mr Tounaia Temoai Cleaner
Mr Hemant Kumar Maths/ Science
Mr Ereatara Tikaua Basic Science /Maths
Mr Tuateira Burataake Accounting


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to put in some teachers name

Mr Tomasi Turaganivalu Social Science

Mrs Linda Karakaua English

Mr Osea Naicibaciba Maths

Mrs Mirini Naicibaciba Economics/Accounting

Mr Temate Tekerau Techinical Drawing

Mr Terikata Teikabua (Rev) Technical Drawing

Mrs Tawaea Kaake English/Accounting

Mrs Oboria Woodrow Geography/History

Mrs Tumeima Wiriam English

Mrs Ruiti Tawannang Economics

Mr Teaimarawa Kaake Culture

Mrs Arieta Suguturaga English/Social Science

Mr Maika Social Science/Geography

Mr Jonasa Maths

Mr Praveen Maths

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